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The Afrikaner. A Novel
The Afrikaner (Guernica Editions) is a transcultural novel by Arianna Dagnino set in Southern Africa between Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Kalahari Desert and Zanzibar. It starts as an urban thriller, it develops into a road adventure, it acquires the tones of a scientific novel and it ends on a metafictional note.

More succinctly, The Afrikaner is a fiction on South Africa and the destiny its Black, Coloured and White tribes have historically shared and will continue to share under the African sky.

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Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility
In Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility, Arianna Dagnino analyzes a new type of literature emerging from artists’ increased movement and cultural flows spawned by globalization. This “transcultural” literature is produced by authors who write across cultural and national boundaries and who transcend in their lives and creative production the borders of a single culture. Dagnino’s book contains a creative rendition of interviews conducted with five internationally renowned writers—Inez Baranay, Brian Castro, Alberto Manguel, Tim Parks, and Ilija Trojanow—and a critical exegesis reflecting on thematical, critical, and stylistical aspects.

"In this thought-provoking study, Arianna Dagnino is concerned to identify a cohort of writers who, in the ease with which they move between domiciles, languages and cultures, find themselves ahead of the pack in expressing a newly emergent transcultural sensibility. In a series of interviews, intercut with her own diary entries and treated to a light process of fictionalization – which is brought off with a novelist’s skilled hand – five writers present their reflections on their genesis, their present situation, and their future aims in a more and more globalized world, reflections which are never less than interesting and are often far-sighted. Their comments are in turn interrogated by Dagnino and set in a wider framework of transcultural theory. Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility is a significant contribution to a growing body of work on the metamorphosis of literary culture in times of dissolving cultural boundaries." – Nobel Laureate J M Coetzee, The University of Adelaide